Safety & Health

Corporate Toddlers has taken numerous precautions in the area of personal safety and hygiene to ensure the well being of your child.  Among these precautions are:

  • We have a television intercom and an electronically locked entrance.  The general public has no access to our facility.  We can see and talk with those who attempt to enter our facility before they can gain access.
  • We require advance notice if a non-parent/guardian is to pick up your child.  You must submit a hand written note giving us permission to allow your designated person to pick up your child on that particular day.  If there is any uncertainty at all regarding verification of the identity of your designated person for pick up, we will hold your child until you can be contacted to confirm the pick up arrangement.
  • Every electrical outlet is a childproof safety outlet, specifically designed to prevent electric shock by probing objects held by children.  While a child may pull off outlet covers guarding a standard outlet, the safety feature of our childproof outlets cannot be neutralized.
  • Our outdoor play surface is sand.  Study after study confirms the risk of serious injury, especially head and neck trauma, is greatly reduced when the surface play area is sand.  Sand is messy when compared to asphalt, grass, wood chips, rubberized matting and the rest; however, we feel that inconvenience is far outweighed by the safety advantages of a sand surface.
  • Each one of our six different age groups have age appropriate toys and manipulatives designed specifically for use within the age range of that particular class.
  • Professional cleaners vacuum, mop, sanitize, etc... our entire facility at the end of each school day.
  • Our carpets are professionally cleaned periodically.
  • We use disposable cups for drinks, disposable gloves for each diaper change, anti-bacterial soap for all hand washing and a disinfectant cleaner on all surfaces and toys.
  • Hand washing is a simple but vital step in preventing the spread of illness.  Hand washing for caregivers is mandatory when diapering, toileting, and before and after snacks and meals.  Hand washing for children is also mandatory after toileting, and before and after snacks and meals.
  • We employ a Registered Nurse, and periodically offer complimentary First Aid and CPR courses for our staff.
  • We separate ill children awaiting pick up by parents from their classmates to help minimize the spread of illness.
  • We strictly enforce our policy on the Management of Communicable Disease to help minimize the risk of sick children spreading illnesses.  Those who have been sent home due to illness must return with a physician's note diagnosing the ailment and specifying a return to school date.