Late Preschool

late-preschool-room.jpgThe Late Preschool class builds upon the Early Preschool class, adding a little more structure into the daily routine. Our curriculum creates a fun and safe environment that allows the children to feel more independent and take responsibility for completing simple tasks. We cover the content areas of Letter and Number Recognition, Science exploration, Social Studies, Spanish, American Sign Language, Music, Creative Arts, Computer Skills and Yoga. Our day consists of centers and activities that spark imagination and build upon the knowledge and interests of each child. The children learn to transition from one activity to another smoothly and independently. They also continue to develop their inter-personal skills, fine and gross motor skills, and self-help skills. The Late Preschool class fosters learning through exploration and discovery, while also instilling a responsibility in each child for their own educational experiences.

Some specific things children learn in preparation for Pre-Kindergarten:

  • Recognition of all letters and their sounds in English, Spanish and Sign Language
  • Recognition of numbers 1-15
  • Ability to count to 20
  • Shapes, Position words, Colors
  • Beginning to write letters and name