pre-k-room-1.jpgOur Pre-K class provides excellent preparation for entering Kindergarten. Students learn best when they are engaged in meaningful experiences, which our certified teacher provides on a daily basis. Whether it is in play or educational centers, the children are immersed in learning experiences that meet their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Our curriculum integrates many important content areas- Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music and the Arts, Spanish, American Sign Language, Computer Skills, and Yoga! Each month we cover different topics and themes to keep the students engaged and excited to learn. Children are often required to put their problem-solving skills to work when encountering new tasks. They build upon their sense of responsibility for their own learning because they enjoy what they are doing. We are here to broaden the student’s horizons and prepare them for their bright futures!

Some specific things children learn in preparation for Kindergarten:

  • Recognition of all letters and their sounds in English, Spanish and Sign Language and the ability to write them in Upper and Lower case
  • Recognition of numbers 1-20 in English and Spanish and the ability to write them
  • Ability to count to 50
  • Shapes, Position words, Colors
  • Perfect writing first name and begin writing last name